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Koko's Banquet
Koko's recent birthday banquet was an enrichment success.
Dear Friend,

You really need to see this!

Our latest Gorilla Talk newsletter focuses on "enrichment" — making a gorilla’s life in a captive setting as joyful, stimulating and healthful as possible. As you'll read, it's absolutely critical to everything we do here at the Gorilla Foundation.

I wanted to send you this free downloadable copy of Gorilla Talk, usually reserved only for Gorilla Foundation members, so you can learn more and share it with friends who might be interested in our important work.

The caregivers and I spend countless hours dreaming up new ways to intrigue Koko and Ndume to make their daily lives fulfilling. From hiding browse, to creating holiday and birthday parties, to supplying ropes and other equipment for them to climb, we provide for their every need.

Why do we do it?  It’s simple. Like you, we all care deeply about Koko and Ndume’s welfare and want them to be happy.

In this issue of GorillaTalk you’ll read about enrichment from the perspective of the caregivers who make it our top priority. You’ll also learn how enrichment was used to make Koko’s recent birthday celebration a success. As a bonus, one of our members shares with us a story of a journey that enriched her life – a visit to the mountain gorillas of Rwanda!

If you like what you see in this newsletter, I hope you will consider becoming a member of the Gorilla Foundation today. When you do, you’ll receive future newsletters — online and by mail — and many other benefits! In addition, we will send you our full-color 14 month 2013 calendar – hot off the press – as a special thank you for your gift!

Please enjoy Gorilla Talk, share it with your friends and encourage them to help protect gorillas as you do.

With love and gratitude this holiday season,
Penny Koko

Penny & Koko
Penny and Koko
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