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Dear Friend,

To help celebrate the holidays, I want to share what is in Koko’s heart – and mine. Koko would like to say you are “fine” for all you are doing to help her species survive. And I second that!

We are all working together to ensure a future where gorilla families can roam free in peace, and flourish. That’s why I hope you will continue your vital support. I encourage you to make your tax-deductible year-end donation today to support our crucial programs into 2013 and beyond.

Without our intervention, the outlook for gorillas is grim. Populations have fallen by more than 80% in just three generations. Bushmeat hunting and habitat destruction have taken an enormous toll, bringing the species to the brink of extinction.

Our goal is to bring about a seismic shift in the way people relate to gorillas (and other great apes) so that we can change their fate. We need to inspire a heartfelt empathy that will make humans say, “You must not harm them; they are precious!”

Here's how we're going to do it — I hope you'll pitch in to make it a reality with your special year-end gift today:
Expand our outreach using Koko’s Kitten books and compelling videos in Cameroon and other parts of Africa, where the power of Koko changes poachers into protectors
Broaden our interspecies communication research as we gain further insight into the mind of the gorilla, and share revelations to motivate people to save them.
Launch new empathy-expanding educational opportunities for young people, to create the next generation of champions for conservation and gorillas
Ensure ongoing first-class care for Koko and Ndume, including nourishing meals, state of the art health care, and plentiful enrichment and companionship!
Gazing into Koko’s deep brown eyes, I think about her free-living cousins, and how much you have helped them. I urge you to consider a generous tax-deductible holiday gift today so that we can move forward together towards a new year full of promise.

I'm deeply touched by and grateful for your support!

With Koko-love and peace,
Penny Koko
Penny & Koko
Dr. Penny Patterson, President and Director of Research
Koko, "Fine Animal Gorilla Person"
Koko and Tiger
Koko and kittens create empathy (video)
Koko signs POLITE
Koko signs "Fine Polite" to us humans
Penny and Koko
Koko expresses her love to Penny
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